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A module for training trainers for inclusive education for the following disabilities has been designed with the help of academic experts:

  • Sensory impairments
    • Hearing and speech
    • Visual
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders
    • Learning disabilities
    • ADHD
    • Autism

Experts for the above disabilities are empaneled as trainers for the module. Inputs has been taken from SSA on the roll out plan. Empaneled schools are expected to depute teachers to apply for the course. The modules are  contact course with theory and practical sessions. Trainings are being conducted in both English and Gujarati medium in schools across the state, specifically schools in urban areas. The course is a certified course approved by the govt. of Gujarat.

Infrastructure accessibility audit of schools and public places will be conducted by the empaneled experts of accessibility and recommendations will be made in form of a report. Infrastructure accessibility is not only useful for students with disabilities but also employees and visitors with disabilities or limited mobility such as elderly, pregnant women, etc.

A comprehensive list of resource material and aides required to support the schools to facilitate inclusive education will be prepared and shared with the schools. Learning materials will be made available in accessible formats to suit the needs of children with different types and levels of disabilities. For example, audio books of the curriculum will be provided for children with visual impairments.

Special schools and organizations catering to children with special needs will be transformed as resource centres and the staff in these schools/organisations will provide support to regular school teachers. Through the membership, the consortium will link these resource centres to regular schools. The consortium will also strengthen existing SSA resource centres through recommendations in form of a report and trainings to their educators.

Outcome data of the consortium’s activities will be closely monitored to build evidence and eventually work towards policy advocacy for inclusive education. All qualitative and quantitative data will be analyzed to understand the impact of teacher trainings, better accessibility, and use of resource centres on social and academic performance of children with special needs.

This project is a joint intitative between Deepak Foundation and Gujarat CSR Authority.

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This project is a joint intitative between Deepak Foundation and Gujarat CSR Authority.