Our training programme provides access to a curated set of webinars from the knowledge hub as well as a live in- person sessions focussed on contextualising the content to your school setting.

Some of the trainings conducted by us

1. Effective methods of inclusion of children with disabilities into mainstream schools

This training involves creating awareness regarding inclusion of children with special needs in regular school and what kind of challenges are faced by the schools. I further introduce the trainees with different models of inclusion and the processes involved.

2. Impediments to successful inclusive education and possible solutions

This workshop focused on understanding the various barriers to inclusive education faced by teachers and school managements and provide implementable solutions to them.

3. Introduction to Exceptionalities in Special Education

This training introduces the concept of exceptionalities and its various dimensions. It further imparts understanding regarding the different types and categories of exceptionalities in context to Special Education.

4. Anganwadi Training on ‘Early Intervention and Care’

This training aimed to establish a working relationship with Anganwadis and provide support to meet the needs of children with disabilities.

5. Early Identification of Disabilities and Referrals

This training creates awareness about the importance of early identification of disabilities and introduction to clues and indicators to recognize the disabilities.

6. Introduction to Learning Disabilities (LD) and the techniques to handle children with LD in a classroom setting.

This training engages the teachers to understand the needs of different learning disabilities and possible ways to manage them.

7. Digital Accessibility on Smartphone and Computer

This training enables Special Educators to be able to use a smart phone and computer with the help of assistive technology (talk back and NVDA) and further teach their Visually Impaired children to use these features available in their phones and computers. The teachers are also trained to train the students to be able to read E-Books on smart phone and computer.

8. State level cross learning workshop on assistive technology

One of the aim of this workshop is Inclusion of technology in education and understanding the various challenges to assistive technology in educational settings.

9. Universal Design for Learning (Certificate Course)

The objective of this course was to acquaint the teachers and educators with the basic principles, guidelines of UDL and their implementation in lesson plan making.

10. Mathematics without Tears

The primary objective of this workshop is to help teachers to develop active pedagogies and learning-focused classroom practices.

11. Developing Classroom Accommodations

This training guides the teachers to make some accommodations in their classroom setting to teach children with disabilities. It helps the teachers understand and learn new accommodations according to the different disabilities.

12. Individualised Education Plan (IEP)

This workshop reflects on how to prepare IEP’s, how to continue maintaining it and how these IEP’s are beneficial to the learner as well as to the teacher. IEP’s in particular have been found to be effective for children with and without disabilities.